Pampering Teagan: She's At Least Five Points Higher Than You On A Scale Of One To Ten, But For Some Reason She Lets You See Her Naked.
Tori For Camera: Since He Is Who Is, The Producers Decided On The Camera Placement.
Wife Katie: Whatever It Takes To Get The Meat In The Hole, Baby!
Cock-hungry Katie: So When Her Husband Starts Whining And Crying Like The Little Bitch He Is, She Simply Pays Him No Mind!
Cuckolding Les: The Outlook Wasn't Brilliant For Kacey's Husband Les
Wife Darcy Fucks: Imagine Her Glee When She Found A Man She Did Want Spraying That Sweet Seed Deep Into Her Velvet Hole!
Love Hurts: A Hard Cock Pressed Tightly Into Her Wet Pussy! And She Is Knowing That It Isn't Her Husband's Cock!
Little Cock Slave: Sure, His Reasoning May Be A Little Flawed In The Heat Of The Moment, But You Can't Fault A Guy For Trying!
A Hard Bitch: What's Worse Than That? Hearing Your Wife Come Home With Her New Lover..
Chains Of Love: Sometimes It Takes More Than A Few Seconds To Change Up Positions, And During Those Crucial Moments She Likes To Know..
Lovely Lou: She Followed Him Back To His Country As His Wife Where She Quickly Learned That He Wasn't..
Catalina Cuckolds Hubby: She's Attempts To Seduce Big Herc Were Going Swimmingly
Aj Estrada: That's Why She Had No Qualms About Bringing Him Home To Introduce Him To Her Husband Satyr.
A Tase Of White: Tristyn Was Beside Herself When Her Husband Satyr Arrived Home From Prison. Happy Day Then!
The Long Goodbye: But What Kade Doesn't Know Is That Julius And His Wife Share A Secret Dream Of Their Own.
Wife Tia And Cockwhore: She Found Aj Simply A Spineless Cock-sucking Sissy Waiting To Be Abused By His Horny Wife?
Tie Your Hubby Down: Maybe She Could Try Some Light Bondage, Buy A Ball Gag Or.. Or, She Could Just Tie Up Her Husband And Make Him Watch!
Businesswoman: She Was More Than Happy To Have Jimmy Put On A Demonstration..
Brothers Only: She Was Also Raised To Believe In The Sanctity Of Marriage..
Proof Of Cuck: But Wolf Is Smart Guy - He's Been Around The Block A Tim Or Two Before!
Gianna Michaels: Her Unexpected Lover Was Ready For Such March And His Long Hose Was Already Hard As A Stick.
Lovely Lou: Someone To Connect With In The Language She Knew Best - The Language Of Love..
Chains Of Love: There Are No Whips (for Now, At Least) But The Chains Of Love Hang Heavy On His Narrow Shoulders.
Jayden Williams: This Week, Dahlia Forces Jimmy To Visit Her Friend Jayden, A Ball-busting Bitch Of The First Order.
Jayden Williams: Who Genuinely Knows What Goes On Between Those Yardmarkers And In The Clubhouse.
Chains Of Love: Victoria Is An Extremely Busy Woman, Not To Mention Exceedingly Beautiful. It's Not That They're Sycophants..
Businesswoman: Being A Beaten Man, Jimmy Isn't Going To Complain Too Loudly About This..
Lose The Puppy: He Had To Have All Of Her, A Taste Wasn't Going To Be Enough In This Case!
Slumdog Cuckolding: When The Thief Demands That She Undress For Him, She Isn't Entirely Upset At The Prospect..
The Long Goodbye: His Pride And Joy Was Headed Out Into The Big World As A Man.
Kylee Reese: Actually, That's Not Our Saying But Kylee Reese's. Being A Good Looking Dame With A Body To Match..
Proper Response: Maybe There's Hope For Kade Yet.. Who Knows. Yeah, That's The Ticket!
Kylee Reese: Called Orchiectomy Or Gelding, It Might Have To Do With Transgender Issues, Curbing Sexual Addictions..
A Tase Of White: He Has To Tell His Wife Tristyn About His Deal, He's Beginning To Feel Like He May Have Made A Mistake..
Love Hurts: Danica Feels More Empowered Than She Ever Has Before. Why's That?
Businesswoman: Addison Has Worked Long And Hard To Succeed As A Businesswoman.
License To Fuck: They Met When Satyr Was Making His Yearly Pilgrimage To Mother Russia.
Slumdog Cuckolding: Maya Finds Herself In A Bit Of A Quandary
Tweety Dreams: She Knows That This Was Supposed To Happen. That's Why She Throws Caution To The Wind..
Lovely Lou: Then Gabriel Walked Into Her Life And She Found That She Could Have Everything She Ever Wanted..
Wife Danica Fucks: Her Cuckold Understood When She Would Disappear For Days And Come Home Smelling Like A College Men's Locker Room.
Dressing Up: Tino Keeps His Sad Little Soul Warm At The Thought Of His Dear Melissa Being Happy. That's The Thought That Keeps Him Going!
Kylee Reese: Take A Good Look At Kylee Reese. You'd Probably Do Anything For Her Once She Started Batting Those Eyes.
Kylee Reese: Kylee Learned Long Ago That She Could Make Up Any Maxims, Any Rules Of Society She Damned Well Pleased..
Jayden Williams: Why Just This Past Week, Another Of Those Pointless Studies Revealed That Hookers Are Currently Adopting This 'do.
Private Time: In Fact, Brooklyn Was More Than A Little Put Out By The Uncalled-for Intrusion Into Her Private Time..
New Bouquet: Poor Tino. As They Say, If You're Going To Ask Pointed Questions, You'd Best Be Prepared For Pointed Answers.
Wife Violet Cuckolds: Hot Dominant Women Forced Her Good Old Hubby Bob Watch While She Lived Out Her Schoolgirl Fantasies!
Lose The Puppy: He's Seen Them All.. For Him, There's Been Nothing New Under The Sun For Quite A While..
Businesswoman: She Wants Him To Give Her A Helping Hand With Her New Lover? We'll See..
Lovely Lou: When Tino Lived In Paris, He Enjoyed Many Things That He Didn't In The States.
Lovely Lou: She Saw Him For More Than Just His Looks And Viewed Him As A Loyal, Loving Man That Gave Himself Freely..
License To Fuck: Now That Satyr Has Found Out That She's Been Sneaking Around, She May Be Looking At A Relocation To The Cold Russian Tundra.
Proof Of Cuck: You Could Look At Tino And Make The Mistake Of Thinking That He's A Man Who Has It All.
Gianna Michaels: I Told You Many Times, If You Marry A Sexy Woman, Never Fall Asleep First, Before Her.
Aj Estrada: In Fact, She Knew That He Would Be More Than Happy To Lend Her A Helping Hand, Or Mouth, If She So Desired.
Lovely Lou: While At The Same Time Keeping What She Found To Be Important (her Us Citizenship!)
Needed Renovation: Or Should He Throw Caution To The Wind And Find A New Place To Put His Yard Stick?
Needed Renovation: Handyman Jay Saw That No Amount Of Renovation Was Going To Fix The Rift..
Hot Wife Honeymoon: Sure, He May Never Get To Sit In Traffic On The 405 On A Hot Afternoon
His Wife: Turns Out, Wayne Was Only Half Right - He Wasn't Going To Just Watch Tonight..
Brothers Only: Wife Gioia Found Herself Enjoying A Wonderful New Paradigm..
Jayden Williams: With Her Looks, Jayden Would Be A Most Welcome Visitor And Probably Could Feed Us Some Information..
Lose The Puppy: He'd Do Anything For Her In Her Quest To Touch The Clouds..
Private Time: This Could Be The Beginning Of Something Wonderful For Wife Brooklyn!
Lovely Lou: She Quickly Learned That He Wasn't Quite What She Thought She Thought He Was..
Lose The Puppy: While Her Eyes Filled With Stars, His Own Lit Up With The Love He Had For Her..
Love Hurts: A Great New Way To Make Her Sissy Husband Feel Even Less Like A Man! Sometimes Love Hurts!
Hot Wife Honeymoon: Looks Like Wesley Might Be Staying For A While!
Hot Wife Honeymoon: Andy Assured Bob That Wesley Is Perfectly Harmless And That He'll Only Be Staying For A Short Time
Wife Allie Dominates: That's What True Love Is All About!
Wife Darcy Fucks: Darcy Finds Herself The Victim Of A Common Problem In Today's High Tech Society..
Gaya Patal: Jimmy Was One Of Those Guys Once, Spending Endless Hours In Front Of A Computer Screen, Watching His Life Tick Away In Ones And Zeros.
Hot Wife Carmen: You See, It's Been Quite A While Since Carmen Has Felt More Than Inch Or Two In Size
Gianna Michaels: And Poor Spineless Hubby Dared Not To Argue. That Was A Great Lesson Of Good Behavior For Him.
Wife Darcy Fucks: It Was Just A Matter Of Making Aj Understand, Really..
Hot Wife Carmen: I Do Love This Hot Wife, She Reminds Me Carmen Ibanez, The Pilot-girl From Starship Troopers Movie
Brothers Only: Growing Up Behind The Iron Curtain Wasn't Easy For Gioia!
Wife Can't Lose: Screen Test - This Could Be A Big Brake For Both Of Their Careers!
Lose The Puppy: When They Met, He Could Feel Her Sexual Energy Exuding From Her..
Little Cock Slave: Nella Was A Fuck Machine Of The Highest Order And For Some Reason That Remained Unknowable..
Wife Can't Lose: She Isn't Much Different Than Most Of The Wanna-be Actresses You Find Around Hollywood..
Dressing Up: She Gets A Little Thrill Out Of Tino Getting Her Dressed Up, Knowing Full Well That She Will Deny Him Any Sort Of Pleasure Of His Own.
The Long Goodbye: Kade Wants Desperately For His Adopted Son To Attend His Alma Mater.
Businesswoman: She's Shrewd, Tough-minded And Knows Exactly How To Get What She Wants.
Wife Coco Life: Billy Works Hard But He Cannot Do Anything Decent At Least Not To Her Satisfaction..
Hot Wife Honeymoon: Faced With The Prospect Of A Shitty Honeymoon, As Well As The Handsome Bellboy Who Came To Her Rescue..
Needed Renovation: They Were Hoping A Handsome Carpenter From Tv Land Would Swoop Into Their House Along..
Wife Allie Dominates: She Isn't Going To Miss Out On Any Of The Fun!
Dressing Up: The Part That Makes Tino Less Than Enthused Is The Few Minutes He Has To Sit In Silence Before Her Date Arrives.
Tweety Dreams: Somehow, Jimmy Always Ends Ends Up Holding A Bag For His Wife, Tweety.
Tori For Camera: Throwing Her Head Back, Tori Rode Another Orgasmic Wave As All Senses Left Her Body And Soul.
Wife Can't Lose: Satyr's Really Hoping That Parker Can Nail The Screen Test And Get Investors Involved!
The Long Goodbye: Sarah And Kade Are Getting Ready To Say Goodbye To Their Adopted Son Julius Before He Heads Off..
Wife Danica Fucks: His Wife Wasn't Being Quite As Honest With Him About Her Extramarital Affairs As She Had Promised To Be..
Lose The Puppy: She Was Going To Be His Own Ticket To Bruckheimer-like Heights..
The Taste Of Wife Michelle: But What Is There Left For A Woman Who Has It All? Well, Everything Else, Of Course!
Proper Response: Brittany, Like Any Other Woman, Likes To Be Complimented On Her Looks.
Wife Coco Life: But What Is Coco Going To Do To Fill Those Long Days And Nights?
Lose The Puppy: Jason Has Been A Producer For Longer Than He Cares To Remember..